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2012 Monaco F1 Grand Prix In Detail


Red Bull Racing Barging in!

Red Bull Racing Barging in the Party Raft for the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix

The next four Louis Vuitton Trophy regattas announced

The World Sailing Teams Association (WSTA) and Louis Vuitton today announced more Louis Vuitton Trophy for 2010 and early 2011.
Paris, December 18th 2009, The World Sailing Teams Association (WSTA) and Louis Vuitton today announced more Louis Vuitton Trophy regattas for 2010 and early 2011. These new international events follow the successful regatta held in Nice, France, last month.

Each Louis Vuitton Trophy regatta is a stand-alone regatta sailed in event-supplied 85-foot long AC Class yachts that require a crew of 17 top sailors to sail. The regatta concept is designed to transform a port venue, regardless of its previous sailing culture, into the capital of professional yacht racing for two weeks, along with all the associated activities and excitement, on and off the water.

The concept of the Louis Vuitton Trophy regattas was inspired by the acclaimed Louis Vuitton Pacific Series raced in Auckland, NZ, last February.

The schedule for the next events covers four distinctly different parts of the world:

Louis Vuitton Trophy Auckland: 9 – 21 March 2010
Louis Vuitton Trophy La Maddalena, Sardinia: 22 May – 6 June 2010
Louis Vuitton Trophy Middle East: 13 – 28 November 2010
Louis Vuitton Trophy Hong Kong: 9 – 24 January 2011 (To be confirmed)

Louis Vuitton Trophy Auckland: 9 – 21 March 2010
Louis Vuitton Trophy La Maddalena, Sardinia: 22 May – 6 June 2010
Louis Vuitton Trophy Middle East: 13 – 28 November 2010
Louis Vuitton Trophy Hong Kong: 9 – 24 January 2011 (To be confirmed)

* The venue in The Middle East is embargoed until January 15th 2010

Newly-elected WSTA board Chairman Paul Cayard commented: “The Louis Vuitton Trophy is gaining momentum following the great regattas held in Auckland and Nice in 2009 and I really believe 2010 is going to be an even better year for our teams, their crews and supporters.”

Apart from being a cost-effective way for teams to match race impressively large yachts close to crowds, the Louis Vuitton Trophy regattas also represent one of the most interesting media/marketing opportunities in yacht racing today.

The innovative low-cost solution to live TV and tracking coupled with live expert commentary from on board the yachts pioneered in Nice last November, allows spectators, hospitality guests and sailing fans around the world to watch live races in a hybrid virtual and real video show on internet (

The use of AC Class yachts from the last two America’s Cups now scattered about the world allows the existing boats to be shared regionally without the necessity to constantly ship equipment back and forth; only the crews travel, making for cost- effective and easily organised events.

The Louis Vuitton Trophy Auckland will again bring some of the best racing teams back to ‘’Kiwiland’’. Emirates Team New Zealand managing director Grant Dalton said the team welcomed Louis Vuitton’s return to Auckland: “Last February we tested the concept. Its success far exceeded everyone’s expectations.”

“The Louis Vuitton Trophy has emerged from that experiment as a viable, top-level regatta. It’s good for the teams, it’s good for the sport, it’s good for host cities and we’ve given the fans something to watch.”

The caliber of teams competing is second to none. Most sailors are either world champions, Olympic medalists, round-the-world sailors or past America’s Cup players. All teams competing at the Nice regatta came with either America’s Cup experience or future ambitions.

Emirates Team New Zealand has been both Challenger and Defender in the past, BMW ORACLE Racing (USA) is the current Challenger of Record, while other teams such as Azzurra (Italy), TEAMORIGIN (Great Britain), Mascalzone Latino (Italy), Synergy (Russia), All4One (France/Germany), Aleph Sailing Team previously known as Team French Spirit (France), Artemis (Sweden) all have future plans.

The Louis Vuitton Trophy regattas provide an opportunity to compete at the highest level using similar yachts, with only the crew’s sailing ability as the deciding factor. The cost to teams is also a fraction of an America’s Cup or an offshore campaign budget, something that has already attracted several new teams to taste the waters at this level of competition.

Yves Carcelle, Chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton, is pleased to be associated with the event: “Nice a few weeks ago again proved the viability of the concept, which reflects current concerns: easy, friendly, accessible and environmentally responsible. It is a great way to bring the best teams back on the water.”

Tweaking Light in Adobe Lightroom

This image of the classic yacht Marigold at Les Voiles De St Tropez 2009 has been processed in Adobe Lightroom, giving it high-key look. As you can see I have sucked the blues right out of the image just leaving a little hint in the shadows. Below you can see the before and after images and also find the code for the Lightroom develop preset   I call “Marigold High Key”. Feel free to save and use the preset if you use Adobe Lightroom



Where the sky falls into the sea. Marigold at Les Voiles De St Tropez 2009

Sky before & after

“Marigold High Key.lrtemplate”  preset can be found in the Adobe Lightroom Presets page, follow the instructions to import it into light room.

Louis Vuitton Cup comes to Nice

Louis Vuitton Trophy:
Nice Regatta Begins November 7

The facilities in Nice are being readied, the race boats are being tested, equalized and prepared for racing, and some of the teams spent some time on ACC yachts last week, working out the kinks ahead of the first race day, November 7.

Four ACC boats that are based in Valencia, the site of the last Americas Cup where several teams still maintain a base of operations, will be used for the racing in Nice, have been set-up for the November regatta.
Further info can be found at CupInfo

Hopefully  I will be able to get out on the water to take some shots of these impressive boats.  I’ll keep you posted on my little adventure.

Updated Les Voiles De St Tropez 2009 Gallery

Added a couple more images to Les Voiles De St Tropez 2009 Gallery


All to weather IMG_6056

All to weather

Block and Bronze IMG_6145

Block and Bronze


The 13th Monaco Kart Cup

The 13th Monaco Kart Cup was held from the 16th to 18th October 2009 by the Automobile Club de Monaco .

This event forms part of the CIK/FIA racing calendar. The Automobile Club provids the most spectacular of temporary urban circuits, employing the lower part of the legendary Monaco Formula One track.
This year the racetrack was be slightly modified from last year, in the section from the exit of the swimming pool to the Rascasse corner, due to a redesign of a large part of the Darse Sud. This shortens the circuit from 1079 m to 1068 m.
The programme featured two international events:
– As in previous years, one KF3 class race: a high performance class for drivers aged 13 to 15 years old. The class uses 125 cm³, 2-stroke, water-cooled engines producing about 28 hp (14,000 rpm), with Touch-and-Go electric starter and clutch, and preparation allowed. Free use of CIK-approved chassis. Minimum weight is 145 kg with driver.
– And for the first time in Monaco, a KZ2 class race: this is the top category for karts with gearboxes, for ages 15 and upwards. Free use of CIK-approved chassis with front brakes. 125 cm³, 2-stroke, water-cooled engine producing about 42 hp, with six-speed gearbox and preparation allowed. Minimum weight with driver is 175 kg.
An endurance race completed the weekend. Teams of 3 to 5 novice or experienced drivers took part and the race was divided into three two-hour legs.

A few Images from Monaco Classic Week 2009

Tuiga Monaco Classic Week 2009

Posted F1 Monaco Grand Prix 2009 Gallery

F1 Monaco Grand Prix 2009 Gallery

Clip the Corner

Updated Les Voiles De St Tropez 2009 Gallery

Uploaded  “A Light Reflection in Time”

A Light Reflection in Time

in the Les Voiles De St Tropez 2009 Gallery

Pen Duick, at  Les Voiles De St Tropez 2009
The first Pen Duick (also known as Pen Duick I) designed by William Fife III, in 1898 under the name Yum.

Purchased by Guy Tabarly  in 1938, his son, the now famous Eric Tabarly learned to sail on board her. Pen Duicks hull had rotted in the mud flats after the Second World War making it dangerous to sail. Unable to pay for the work, his father tried to sell her. Having no buyer, and having fallen in love with her from the start Eric convinces his father to give Pen Duick to him.

A few years later, when Eric could handle his boat, he was told that the hull of his yacht was rotten. Unable to finance work by a yard, Eric decides to save his boat with his own hands: he uses the old hull as a mold, applying layers of glass fibre and polyester, he builds a new hull. The polyester construction was in its infancy in those days. No one had built yacht, as big and heavy in glass fibre before. It was the largest hull of this type at this time. The boat was restored in the former yard Raymond Labbe in 1983

On his voyage to Ireland, to celebrated Pen Duicks centenary in May 1998 Eric Tabarly was lost overboard during the night of 12 June.

Pen Duick now belongs to Mary and Jacqueline Tabarly who entrusted its maintenance and management to the  Eric Tabarly association. She participates in classic yacht regattas in the Atlantic and gatherings of other Pen Duicks .