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2013 Monaco Grand Prix Track and Facilities Under Construction

It has already started, the construction of the track and facilities are underway.
The new section of tarmac, “Beau Rivage” heading up to “Casino” has been paved.
The big screen on this section, the scaffolding is up and ready for the multi unit screen to be installed.
The “Commissaires” boxes have been deposited around the track.

More to come


Feed Me!

At the window by my desk I had this scavenger of the seas come begging little did I know that my colleague had been feeding it when I was away sick last Friday.

A Wide Perspective

Two boats, that my company I work for designed, at the Monaco Yacht Show last year, either side of the port, gave an interesting perspective of scale and size.  This was an attempt to create a “Tilt Shift  Lens” image. this was first a hand-held pano of about 10 frames in the portrait format. I Spliced them in Photoshop hen crated two layers with different amounts of blur applying a mask to keep the boats in focus.

“Buoy-Project” gallery added

Buoy it's bright today

A project I did in the early part of 2009. Over several lunch breaks I went down to the end of a quay in Port Hercules in Monaco. Where I took lots of images of  a couple of temporary yellow buoys marking a construction area.  The flowing are a selected few images of the  “Buoy Project”