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2012 Monaco F1 Grand Prix In Detail


Red Bull Racing Barging in!

Red Bull Racing Barging in the Party Raft for the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix

Lightroom Preset “On Guard” added

Just added the preset for the image “On Guard” As you can see the “RAW” image is rather flat and desaturated but just remember “RAW” files have so much more info locked inside

On Guard

I found this rack of “Fencing Masks” down at the local hall where my son sometimes practices his achery.
The Mask, including a bib which protects the neck. The mask can usually support 12 kg on the metal mesh, 350 newtons of penetration resistance on the bib, however FIE regulation masks must withstand much more, 25 kg on the mesh and 1600 newtons on the bib. Some modern masks have a see-through visor in the front of the mask. These can be used at high level competitions (World Championships etc.).Fencing is a family of sports and activities that feature armed combat involving cutting, stabbing, or bludgeoning weapons that are directly manipulated by hand, rather than shot, thrown or positioned. Examples include swords, knives, pikes, bayonets, batons, clubs, and similar weapons. In contemporary common usage, fencing tends to refer specifically to European schools of swordsmanship and to the modern Olympic sport that has evolved out of them.
Fencing is one of the four sports which has been featured at every modern Olympic Games. Currently, three types of weapon are used in Olympic fencing:
Foil — a light thrusting weapon; the valid target is restricted to the torso, the chest, shoulders, and back; double touches are not allowed (see priority rules below). This weapon follows the rule of “right of way”
Épée — a heavy thrusting weapon; the valid target area covers the entire body; double touches are allowed. There is no “right of way”
Sabre — a light cutting and thrusting weapon; the valid target area is the saddle line, which is from one side of the fencer’s hip to the other, and up, this also includes the head. The target area does not include the hands. This weapon follows “right of way” The saber is also used for training because of its light weight.
The word fence was originally a shortening of the Middle English defens, which came from an Italian word, defensio, in origin a Latin word. The first known use of defens in reference to English swordsmanship is in William Shakespeare’s Merry Wives of Windsor: “Alas sir, I cannot fence.”

Lightroom Preset “A Corsican Dawn” added

It has been a while and as the presets are popular I thought I had better keep up with the demand.

Just added the preset for the image “A Corsican Dawn”

Feed Me!

At the window by my desk I had this scavenger of the seas come begging little did I know that my colleague had been feeding it when I was away sick last Friday.

A Corsican Dawn

A Corsican Dawn A very clear morning from my apartment ( just 5km NW from Antibes France 43°36N 7° 4’7E, elevation 139m) looking over Le Cap d’Antibes and lighthouse to the Island of Corsica rising out of the Mediterranean sea. The closest point on Corsica is 175km, bearing 130°
The viewed width: 162km but would be less due to the curvature of the earth.
Island length: 184km
Island width: 83km
Highest peak: Monte Cinto 2706m
Area: 8680km²
Coast line 1000km

Corsica (French: La Corse; Corsican and Italian: Corsica) is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is located west of Italy, southeast of the French mainland, and north of the island of Sardinia.

Corsica is one of the 26 régions of France, although strictly speaking Corsica is designated as a “territorial collectivity” (collectivité territoriale) by law. As a territorial collectivity, it enjoys greater powers than other French régions, but for the most part its status is quite similar. Corsica is referred to as a “région” in common speech, and is almost always listed among the other régions of France.

Although the island is separated from the continental mainland by the Ligurian Sea and is much closer to the Italian than to the French mainland, politically Corsica is part of Metropolitan France. It was once briefly an independent Corsican Republic, until being incorporated into France in 1768.
Corsica is famed as the birthplace of Napoléon Bonaparte. His ancestral home, Casa Buonaparte, is located there.

RAW files

I am sure that most of you know that RAW files are inherently dull and lack punch but have a lot to offer to the creative eye. For those of you who are happy with you JPG files and do not want to spend time processing read no further but you still might find this intresting.  As each of us have a slightly different take on what looks good. The RAW files have so much more to than JPG. My tool of choice is Adobe Lightroom. Using this (or you can use your tool of chioce, Adobe Bridge, Aperture to name a few) we can unlock that creativity,without affecting the original file and we can always make virtual copy’s and apply slightly different treatments. I refer to further info on RAW files at RAW files Explained.  I have a page “Lightroom” dedicated to Lightroom presets where you can download some of the .lrtemplate files I have used on my images.

A Wide Perspective

Two boats, that my company I work for designed, at the Monaco Yacht Show last year, either side of the port, gave an interesting perspective of scale and size.  This was an attempt to create a “Tilt Shift  Lens” image. this was first a hand-held pano of about 10 frames in the portrait format. I Spliced them in Photoshop hen crated two layers with different amounts of blur applying a mask to keep the boats in focus.

Holiday Season Adobe Lightroom Develop Presets

A few images taken over the festive season. For those of you who have Lightroom the images link to the Adobe Lightroom Develop Preset pages

Quiet Quack