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Lightroom Preset “On Guard” added

Just added the preset for the image “On Guard” As you can see the “RAW” image is rather flat and desaturated but just remember “RAW” files have so much more info locked inside


ZOOM-IN Porsche

Another “ZOOM-IN” technique used on the winner of the Porsche Cup at the Monaco Grand Prix last year. The Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Lens lend itself to this technique an it has a very smooth zoom function that you can both twist or slide. To achieve this “ZOOM-IN” affect a relatively slow shutter is required while a fast smooth zoom action is applied during the shot. This can be done hand-held or for a sharper focal area a tripod can help.

For the Lightroom develop preset download page click on the image below

RAW files

I am sure that most of you know that RAW files are inherently dull and lack punch but have a lot to offer to the creative eye. For those of you who are happy with you JPG files and do not want to spend time processing read no further but you still might find this intresting.  As each of us have a slightly different take on what looks good. The RAW files have so much more to than JPG. My tool of choice is Adobe Lightroom. Using this (or you can use your tool of chioce, Adobe Bridge, Aperture to name a few) we can unlock that creativity,without affecting the original file and we can always make virtual copy’s and apply slightly different treatments. I refer to further info on RAW files at RAW files Explained.  I have a page “Lightroom” dedicated to Lightroom presets where you can download some of the .lrtemplate files I have used on my images.

Holiday Season Adobe Lightroom Develop Presets

A few images taken over the festive season. For those of you who have Lightroom the images link to the Adobe Lightroom Develop Preset pages

Quiet Quack

Hands at Work Adobe Lightroom Develop Preset

An “Old Salt” who was demonstrating his rope work skills During the Louis Vuitton Trophy Nice 2009 part of the New Louis Vuitton World Series. You can find the Develop Preset for this image at
Adobe Lightroom Develop Presets pages

Updated Adobe Lightroom Develop Preset

Just a quick one! I have reorganised the Adobe Lightroom Develop Presets into a better format so that you now can download the “.lrtemplate” file directly.  Just head on over to the Adobe Lightroom Develop Presets. You will also find a develop preset used for the “Big Eez”

Tweaking Light in Adobe Lightroom

This image of the classic yacht Marigold at Les Voiles De St Tropez 2009 has been processed in Adobe Lightroom, giving it high-key look. As you can see I have sucked the blues right out of the image just leaving a little hint in the shadows. Below you can see the before and after images and also find the code for the Lightroom develop preset   I call “Marigold High Key”. Feel free to save and use the preset if you use Adobe Lightroom



Where the sky falls into the sea. Marigold at Les Voiles De St Tropez 2009

Sky before & after

“Marigold High Key.lrtemplate”  preset can be found in the Adobe Lightroom Presets page, follow the instructions to import it into light room.