Stopping time in an instant

2012 Historique Grand Prix of Monaco

The Historic Grand Prix of Monaco has run since 1997 every 2 years. It’s organised 2 weeks before the F1 Grand Prix of Monaco. It takes place on the same circuit as the Formula 1 Grand Prix. This, the 8th Monaco Classic Grand Prix otherwise known as “Le 8ème Grand Prix de Monaco Historique” is an entertaining weekend of racing, where proud owners of the grand prix cars of the past are back on the Monaco Grand Prix circuit battling it out for real!  There is a thundering atmosphere of tonal cacophony from the various different cars and exhaust outputs, for the ears and a colorful canvas of paint, insignia and caricatures for the eyes to feast on.with the charming old cars that propose a travel back in time. Organised every two years by theAutomobile Club of Monaco, it’s a success for the spectators that come more and more each year.

For the 2012 edition of the Grand Prix Historique, Formula Junior cars (1958 – 1963) have been replaced by Formula 3, 1000cc, 1600cc and 2000cc, built and raced prior to 31/12/1984.

Cars are distributed into 7 races for the 8th edition of the Grand Prix Historique :

  • Race A Pre 1952 Voiturettes and Grand Prix cars
  • Race B Pre 1961 Front Engine Grand Prix cars and Formula 2
  • Race C Pre 1953 Sports cars
  • Race D Rear Engined Grand Prix cars (1954 – 1965)
  • Race E Formula 1 (1966 – 1972) br />Race F Formula 1 (1973 – 1978)
  • Race G Pre 1985 Formule 3, 2000 cc


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