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Lightroom Preset “On Guard” added

Just added the preset for the image “On Guard” As you can see the “RAW” image is rather flat and desaturated but just remember “RAW” files have so much more info locked inside


Lightroom Preset “A Corsican Dawn” added

It has been a while and as the presets are popular I thought I had better keep up with the demand.

Just added the preset for the image “A Corsican Dawn”

A Corsican Dawn

A Corsican Dawn A very clear morning from my apartment ( just 5km NW from Antibes France 43°36N 7° 4’7E, elevation 139m) looking over Le Cap d’Antibes and lighthouse to the Island of Corsica rising out of the Mediterranean sea. The closest point on Corsica is 175km, bearing 130°
The viewed width: 162km but would be less due to the curvature of the earth.
Island length: 184km
Island width: 83km
Highest peak: Monte Cinto 2706m
Area: 8680km²
Coast line 1000km

Corsica (French: La Corse; Corsican and Italian: Corsica) is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is located west of Italy, southeast of the French mainland, and north of the island of Sardinia.

Corsica is one of the 26 régions of France, although strictly speaking Corsica is designated as a “territorial collectivity” (collectivité territoriale) by law. As a territorial collectivity, it enjoys greater powers than other French régions, but for the most part its status is quite similar. Corsica is referred to as a “région” in common speech, and is almost always listed among the other régions of France.

Although the island is separated from the continental mainland by the Ligurian Sea and is much closer to the Italian than to the French mainland, politically Corsica is part of Metropolitan France. It was once briefly an independent Corsican Republic, until being incorporated into France in 1768.
Corsica is famed as the birthplace of Napoléon Bonaparte. His ancestral home, Casa Buonaparte, is located there.