Stopping time in an instant


Sea Air

The name “ESEA Photo” is a play on the letters and sounds  form my initials, a passion for sailing and photography, my compulsion to play with electronic gadgets, the main culprits, cameras and computers. My photography has been inspired by folks like John Arnold, Chris Marquardt Tips From The Top Floor Martin Bailey Martin Bailey Photography, Landon  Michaelson Best Kept Secret and Holly Sisson.

After starting professional life as a graphic artist, the sea  and a sense of adventure  had too much of a pull and I headed for new horizons across the waves for several years, only to be interrupted for a few years to study further  in architecture and yacht design, finally settling down, but still well connected to the sea, in a yacht design office.

I have always had an interest in photography, be it an ebb and flow relationship  depending on the equipment at the time.  Having had various cameras from a Brownie, Kodak instamatic, Yashica 44, Canon T70  through to the digital age with an Olympus D600L , Panasonic ZF7 and now being a little more serious with a Canon EOS 40D.  Being able to shoot and process the images digitally these days  has  certainly fanned the fire  for my pastime hobby,  Photography.


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