Stopping time in an instant

A Burn on the Bike

This was the winning shot for the November “Panning” assignment at the 1st Martin Bailey Photography/WebSpy Assignments competition. More details at Martin Bailey Photography : The Blog

A Burn on the Bike
Having been to the last three F1 Grand Prix in Monaco and shooting a couple of thousand frames and getting a good few acceptable panning shots Speed Set . I thought this was going to be easier than some assignments. …wrong!! I had to get out there and pan! pan! pan! shoot! shoot! shoot! I finally chose, with my sons approval, “A Burn on the Bike”. After two set ups and shoots for the “LEGO to the rescue”, another shoot with my son on Rollerblades and a few other feeble attempts, I was still not entirely happy with any of the images so I came back to and submitted “A Burn on the Bike”
Just across from our apartment block in Antibes we have some hilly, open and wooded land where there are tracks and bike paths. I thought that this would be a great place to have some background and foreground that would be good to blur in the the panning action. I tried using a flash on the second shutter, this proved to have some potential but I could never quite get a real good keeper. I think next time I will try with the flash off camera and trigger it remotely. After shooting in various spots at the location my son suggested we move to another area where he went up a small slope and and came down through the shrubs. It was not long after that we figured we had a keeper. For me one of the good elements of the image is the shrubs in both the foreground and background which I did think about at the time. The composition came form a little cropping to get it just right, it was a little centred, I did conscientiously shoot a little wide encase I needed cropping as trying to get all the elements just right during panning is a challenge. The red fleece was just what my son was wearing at the time but it certainly helped in the final choice.

Once again thanks to all who gave their votes and thanks to Martin and WebSpy for the 6 month Assignment competition and prises.


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