Stopping time in an instant

LEGO to the rescue

LEGO to the rescue, originally uploaded by ESEA Photo.

This was the keeper after a long shoot of trying all sorts. a tough task with slow shutter, panning and a relatively shallow depth of field.

The set-up:

Old blue sheet for the ground sweeping up to the backdrop.

Small Christmas lights with other Lego blocks and characters for the background. A flashlight taped to the camera and one on my head, to ensure light on moving subject.

A fishing-line to pull the truck.

Method: pull fishing-line with left hand while panning and shutter release with the right hand making sure my head was following the subject.

Unfortunately this did not quite make it to the MBP Assignments “Panned”


One response

  1. This is a really cool shot, and very ingenious too.

    December 5, 2009 at 09:45

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