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The 13th Monaco Kart Cup

The 13th Monaco Kart Cup was held from the 16th to 18th October 2009 by the Automobile Club de Monaco .

This event forms part of the CIK/FIA racing calendar. The Automobile Club provids the most spectacular of temporary urban circuits, employing the lower part of the legendary Monaco Formula One track.
This year the racetrack was be slightly modified from last year, in the section from the exit of the swimming pool to the Rascasse corner, due to a redesign of a large part of the Darse Sud. This shortens the circuit from 1079 m to 1068 m.
The programme featured two international events:
– As in previous years, one KF3 class race: a high performance class for drivers aged 13 to 15 years old. The class uses 125 cm³, 2-stroke, water-cooled engines producing about 28 hp (14,000 rpm), with Touch-and-Go electric starter and clutch, and preparation allowed. Free use of CIK-approved chassis. Minimum weight is 145 kg with driver.
– And for the first time in Monaco, a KZ2 class race: this is the top category for karts with gearboxes, for ages 15 and upwards. Free use of CIK-approved chassis with front brakes. 125 cm³, 2-stroke, water-cooled engine producing about 42 hp, with six-speed gearbox and preparation allowed. Minimum weight with driver is 175 kg.
An endurance race completed the weekend. Teams of 3 to 5 novice or experienced drivers took part and the race was divided into three two-hour legs.


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